Kukkuniiaat/Spell Checker

Now you can download the installation package to Kukkuniiat version 2015.135.1334 for MS Windows XP, Windows 7 or newer and MacIndesign.

Hyphenation for Microsoft Office as Add-in

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you an integrated hyphenator for Microsoft Office because Microsoft for reasons we absolutely do not understand will not accept foreign programs apart from spell checkers in spite of the fact that we repeatedly have informed MS that the alternatives we are offered are useless with morphologically rich languages like the Sami languages and Greenlandic. And in spite of the fact that we repeatedly have stressed the fact that Kalaallisut is the single official language in Greenland. It is thus a sad fact that both the programs we have developed already (for instance the hyphenator) as well as the advanced programs we will launch within the next few years (grammar control, machine translation, tools for automatic text marking, etc.) most likely never will work seamlessly with MS Office.

If you need the said functionality when working in Kalaallisut we will suggest you to give up Microsoft Office and start using LibreOffice instead. LibreOffice is based on open source so that we have the freedom to install new tools as soon as we have them ready. Kukkuniiaat including automatic hyphenation is thus active in LibreOffice and has been so for a long time already.

Since we cannot get the permission from MS to offer you the best solution we have developed the next best one. If you download and install the small hyphenator program hereunder a button with the label ‘Hyphenate’ will appear in ‘Tilføjelsesprogrammer’ near the top of your Word screen. Once you have finished your document you will press it and your text will be hyphenated automatically. Please, observe that you must upgrade Kukkuniiaat to the newest version (Kukkuniiaat.msi you find hereunder is the latest version) for Kukkuniiaat to work with the new hyphenator button. Please, also observe that you must close all MS Office windows before the add-in starts to work.

Update April 8th, 2013: The hyphenator add-in has been updated to a new version that solves the problem with missing and extra white spaces. You must uninstall the old version (from Control Panel) before you install the revised version if you have the old version already.

Update October 13th, 2013: If the spell checker ceases to work for mysterious reasons, MS Word may have decided to disable it. To re-enable it, in Word go to File → Options → Add-Ins → Manage: Disabled Items → Go… → Select the kalspell entry, hit Enable, hit Close, and restart Word.

Update May 17th, 2015: If you had the old Kukkuniiaat Beta 3, please uninstall that before installing the new version.


Kukkuniiaat version 2

Kukkuniiaat version 2 is to be used for Microsoft Office 2003 or older versions.

Download Kukkuniiaat v. 2 here


  1. Get the installation package and save it on your disk.
  2. Download the patch normal_kal.dot to your desktop
  3. Double-click the installation package and follow the instructions
  4. Make kalaallisut the default language on your machine:
    1. Drag and drop <normal_kal.dot> into the directory that holds . Usually C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER ACCOUNT\Application Data\Microsoft\Skabeloner.
    2. Rename <normal.dot> to <normal_old.dot>.
    3. Rename <normal_kal.dot> to <normal.dot>
    4. In case of problems feel free to contact Oqaasileriffik on +299 362320 for further assistance.

Updating from prior versions

  1.  First make sure that you have a connection to the internet.
  2.  Go to Start – Programs – Lingsoft – Updates . Proofing tools (Greenlandic). Click ‘Next’ when you see the dialogue box ‘Updater’ on your screen.
  3.  After a while you’ll get the message ‘New version available!’. Click ‘Next’ and you’ll get the box ‘Select updates’
  4.  Check all programs and click ‘Next’
  5.  Updates start automatically. Click ‘Next’ when all files are downloaded and again ‘Next’ when the installation is done with.
  6.  Click ‘Finish’ and Kukkuniiaat will be updated and ready to launch.