What is Oqaaserpassualeriffik?

Oqaaserpassualeriffik (literally ‘Place where one deals with lots of words’) is a division of The Greenland Language Secretariat, Oqaasileriffik (literally ‘Place where one deals with words’).

Oqaaserpassualeriffik’s primary task is the development of a fully-fledged language technology program for Kalaallisut eventually covering the whole suite of tools including automatic translation. At present responsibilities include development and maintenance of the Greenlandic spell checker, Kukkuniiaat, and the development of a robust syntactic disambiguation engine for several purposes including morphological and syntactic tagging of corpora for research and didactic purposes.
With generous funding from the Danish Velux foundation activities will in 2011-12 evolve around two tasks: Development of a syntactic parser and the compilation of a new, semantically tagged, multilingual lexical database.

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